Powerstride Golf Cars offers an awesome selection of reconditioned golf cars!

Powerstride Golf Cars offers an awesome selection of reconditioned golf cars designed just for you!  We offer three different lines of Reconditioned Cars depending upon your needs, budget and taste!  You can decide what car would be best for you!

We offer our CLASSIC, PREMIUM OR LUXURY model reconditioned golf cars.
All of our reconditioned cars are late model Club Car or EX-GO cars that we have inspected with our 13 point vehicle inspection procedure!

Our CLASSIC model reconditioned golf cars come in a variety of colors, fabrics and these cars are designed to be a great entry-level car or second car and they start at just $3,999.00.  Come in to see the cars we have in stock and pick one that fits your style and budget!

Come in to see our PREMIUM model reconditioned golf cars which are available in a variety of colors and fabrics!  Our Premium cars come with upgraded tires, wheels, reupholstered fabrics and floor-mats starting at just $4,999.00!

If it is true LUXURY you are looking for come to see our Luxury line of reconditioned golf cars.  These cars look like a brand new car but cost much less!  They come equipped with the very best tires and wheels, new PPG paint, the finest upholstery & carpet  and the very best batteries from US Battery Mfg.   We think you will agree that our Luxury reconditioned cars are like driving a brand new car without paying for a brand new car!  Come in and test drive one of these amazing cars today!

All or our reconditioned cars come with our  Warranty and have been completely reconditioned! If you’re ready to make golf car part of your lifestyle but are hesitant to purchase a new car, come in to see Powerstride’s selection of reconditioned cars today find the perfect car for you!